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10435839_1234443199918718_7127176337249308055_nApril Grimes

Busy mom to 3 boys and military wife residing in Vermont. I run a small inhome daycare to a few of our friends. I enjoy crocheting, sewing, and trying new recipes but most days I’m just trying to survive until bedtime! This blog chronicles our crazy life and all the fun along the way. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in this house though, the decision to write about our daily struggles was born of necessity. In a facebook world filled with the illusion of perfect I was filled with feelings of failure. Then I realized I was spreading the same lies about my own life. Lets get real about real life, lets leave perfection to TV and lets do it together!

A little more about me:

I was born in England, my Father worked as an engineer for an airline company so we moved around a lot when I was young.  I’ve lived in St. Louis, Missouri, and Spain before settling in Vermont.  It was an exciting start and a comfortable finish, life in Vermont is slow paced and I like it that way!

I have a few close friends I’ve had since grade school and bunch I’ve met along the way, and I can honestly say I knew everyone in my graduating class of 32.  The best part of Vermont is the small town experience.  I met my husband in high school, we were 14 and 15 when we started dating and here we are 16 years later raising our three boys.

I went to Johnson State College and didn’t finish.  My husband was deployed at the time and we married soon after his homecoming.  No regrets!  I was majoring in Art and Education with the hopes of being an art teacher but found my happiness at home with my family.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed work outside the home at a dental office, and as a bank teller, but this time with my boys is amazing no matter how stressed out and crazy it gets some days!

When I’m not writing or taking care of my family I’m creating one of a kind baby and children’s items for my online business, AprilShowersBebe Boutique.  I make bibs, blankets, bedding, crochet hats, baby shoes, kids t-shirts, car seat blankets, and baby slings.  You can find out more on my AprilShowersBebe Boutique Facebook page.


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