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What's new with the grimes?

What’s New With The Grimes- Raise Your Hand If You’re Stressed Out About Christmas

Disclaimer: I always bite off more than I can chew.

The last few weeks have been a little nuts around here, as I’m sure it’s been in your homes. Thank god I started Christmas shopping in October. I’m not even one of those “all out” Christmas people. Our kids aren’t going to wake up to massive amounts of gifts on Sunday, and I still had a hard time getting everything together and wrapped. I think this is the first year I actually have my gifts wrapped before Christmas Eve. Woo Hoo!

It’s the baking that usually gets me, I always say, “I’m not doing crazy amounts of baking this year.”, and then proceed to bake crazy amounts of goodies because I can’t help myself. This year has been much of the same, I made about 4 dozen frosted sugar cookies this week and a birthday cake for one of my daycare kiddos. We hosted a super fun “gingerbread” house decorating party yesterday for my afterschool crew. I pre-assembled houses I made from graham crackers and let the kids go to town with frosting, candy, and sprinkles. They had a great time and ate way too much candy! Ha! Anyway, the baking isn’t done yet, I’ll be making about 5 dozen cookies for our family party and an egg nog custard pie with stabilized whipped cream on top….mmmm…..

I love the holidays, but holy moly, it’s a lot of running around and cooking and cleaning for me. I won’t really be able to relax and enjoy myself until after the big day. I am looking forward to the kids opening their presents though, that’s always fun to see their eyes light up on Christmas morning. It makes all the work worthwhile. Our days of magic are numbered with our older boys and I just want to freeze them in time for a few more years.

This year we are participating in our first ugly sweater contest, can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to make an ugly sweater! I worked on mine this morning, it’s really a thing of beauty how tacky and ugly this thing is. I won’t spoil the surprise, but lets just say, I’m winning this thing. The kids will be working on theirs sometime in the next day or two. Good lord, there’s a lot to do. Family to visit, meals to prep, parties to attend, and a hockey game on saturday…Ahh!!! To say I’m a tad bit stressed is an understatement.

But…..Sunday will come and go and even if I get half of what I wanted to done, it’s enough.

Oh, and if you didn’t get a Christmas Card from us, it’s because I didn’t do any this year! Merry Christmas to me! I decided to give myself the year off and try again next year. It’s freeing, you should all try it sometime!

Merry Christmas all!

fall photos

Mid October- Hockey Season Has Started!

So what have we been up to…

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a ton of appointments, school obligations, and now hockey season starts for the kids. Both our older boys are playing on different teams this year and I’m sure it’s going to be busy as ever! We will be selling wreaths for hockey as well as Christmas trees, so if you need one and you are local please let me know!

John got a deer early into bow season so I’m a hunting widow no longer! Hurray! Well for now, he has his first out of state hunting trip planned in a few weeks so my hunting widow status will be in full swing. Our freezer is stocked full already so I’m going to be making a lot of stews, shepherds pies, and pots of chilli in the near future! If anyone has good recipes please share! I’m always looking for good ones! We process all the meat ourselves and I was happy to not have to help this time around, last year I spent days grinding the hamburger.

This weekend we hosted a surprise party for my father in law, it was a full house but I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We had around 16 people here for dinner and we managed to have room for everyone to sit at a table. I set up 2 tables in my dining room and we hauled the patio table in from the deck and stuck it behind our couch in the living room. I’m not used to hosting such a large group for dinner but I think it went fairly well!

mid october- hockey season has started

Over the weekend I also attempted to get some fall photo’s of the kids but, nope, they clearly were not in the mood for pictures. We are right in the middle of peak foliage too, so I better get out there soon or we are going to be taking winter photos instead! I don’t know why it’s so difficult to get them all smiling at the same time, it’s ridiculous!


Last week I had several trips to and from the vet’s office with my dogs, they were both due for shots and apparently Marshmallow is not a fan of getting her nails cut. 3 people and a sedative and 2 visits and we have yet to trim more than one nail. We go back tomorrow with a different medication, so wish me luck! Bruiser is still holding his own with the cancer, it doesn’t appear to be growing so let’s hope he lives out the rest of his years without much difficulty from it.

Halloween is right around the corner and I’m trying to get costumes together, Collin is wearing Logan’s cow costume from when he was 3, Logan is going to wear one of John’s old uniforms to be an Army man, and Evan is still deciding, we are leaning towards vampire since he’s missing his 2 front teeth! Maybe I’ll get to use my new Serger if he decides to be something else… So far I’ve only used it once when I made my own Irma last week. I can’t wait to try some other projects I’ve been waiting on.

I made some adorable shirts for friends of ours who just left for Disney World on Saturday. I love working on all things Disney related. I’m sure they are having a great time! I have a ton of work to get caught up on now that it’s quieted down around here, let’s hope I don’t run out of steam!  2 new recipes coming this week!

disney shirts

Welcome Fall-September Shenanigans

September was so crazy around here!  As you know, we had decided to list the house after finding the perfect new house in a great neighborhood, well that dream has died.  Long story short, we had an offer on it but so did 2 other families…We didn’t get it.  We gave ourselves a few days to mull it over and there really was nothing else on the market we could justify going to look at.  So we are staying put until something better comes along…maybe in the spring there will be more out there.  Our house is pretty terrific anyway, so we can wait until the right one comes along.  I’m not going to lie, there were tears shed when my dream house didn’t pan out, but a lot of smart people told me “something better will come along, it wasn’t meant to be”.  Boy I hope they’re right!

Now that the house isn’t on the market I’ve got a lot more time to do other stuff, like tackling projects I’ve been putting off forever!  I finally painted the hutch (you can read about that here), and working on some crochet projects I’ve been neglecting.  There’s lots more to do, but one thing at a time!  The kids are enjoying their last few weeks of warm weather, we’ve been outdoors as much as we can since we know it’s going to be freezing soon.  I taught Evan how to ride his bike without training wheels…he’s 7, it was long overdue!  Apparently he thought his brakes wouldn’t work if we took off the training wheels, haha!  Where do kids get these ideas?  Once I reassured him they would work with or without training wheels he was riding without them in 10 minutes.

I chaperoned Logan’s first field trip yesterday, hiking all day with the entire 4th grade. Boy was I tired!  I got to try out my new fitbit though, and we clocked around 7.5 miles.  It’s amazing how much energy the kids have, they were still wild after hiking for hours.  Mrs. Flower’s gave me a group of 4 boys, which didn’t seem like it would be difficult after having all my daycare boys all summer, but I lost one during the second hike…oops.  In my defense I kept track of the majority of them, and I was 90% sure he was in the group behind us…I found him before headcounts for the bus ride home, so all was not lost.  Every time I chaperone a field trip I’m amazed by the patience of the teachers and the fact that they keep track of so many kids everyday.  They are pretty amazing!


Since the kids have been back to school I’ve been taking full advantage of the extra free time and I’m getting back into shape.  It’s so much easier to workout in the morning while Collin’s at school and before I’m exhausted by the day’s activities.  I’ve taken over the lawn mowing too, our riding lawn mower shit the bed and now we have a push mower without the self propel feature so it’s a pretty good workout!  I actually missed mowing, I know that’s crazy but I always did the lawn care at my parent’s house and since my Mom got her electric one she’s been doing it herself.

I’m looking forward to October, the boys will be starting Hockey season, so our schedule will be filling right up!  They will be on different teams so John and I are going to have to divide and conquer for the weekend games.  It’s nuts but the boys love it and it’s nice to be a part of something so positive.  It’s like it’s own little community.  We all suffer the early mornings together and manage to smile in the midst of our exhaustion..haha!


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