my lularoe knockoff experiment

My lazy Sunday shaped up to be a pretty productive day! The boys had hockey camp in the morning but my afternoon was spent sewing up a Lularoe knock-off! Let me be the first to say, I LOVE Lularoe, the clothes are super comfortable and come in tons of different patterns. The only problem is they are a bit pricey for my taste, I’ll still splurge on those leggings though!

A few weeks ago I found some great deals on knit fabric and some super inexpensive patterns for long tops and leggings, and a simple dress pattern that looked a bit like the Amelia I’ve been lusting after for weeks. My plan was to get some sewn up right away but we all know how that goes! I got a little busy and here we are almost a month later and I’ve just gotten around to making the first shirt. I’m pretty satisfied with the finished product though, I made a few adjustments to the pattern I’d purchased.

my lularoe knockoff experiment

The shirt had some gathering in the back and I just found it a little frilly, not quite the simplicity I love so much with Lularoe. On the original pattern the back of the shirt was split into two pieces, so I taped the pieces together after lining up the curve and then folded the excess over and taped into place.

I really am a novice seamstress, but this pattern was so simple I was able to pull off the shirt and the alteration. I learned a few things on this one:

1.) Knits are not all created equal, the one I used to make this shirt was a pain in the butt to work with!!!! Super stretchy is not always a good thing. It had a lot of spandex or something, I wouldn’t recommend it!

2.) Use a lot of pins with stretchy fabric, because its going to move.

3.) Make sure you use the right stitch on your sewing machine, if you try and use a regular straight stitch your seam will rip the first time you pull it on. There are specific stitches on your machine meant for sewing stretch fabric.

I’m really looking forward to my next knit project! I think it will probably be a dress but I’ll see where the week takes me…I’m all sewed out for today!

my lularoe knockoff experimentmy lularoe knockoff experiment

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